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Allegheny County Tax Assessment Appeals, Major Tax Savings – Deadline April 1, 2024

Updated: Feb 23

For the 2024 tax year, a new Common Level Ratio went into effect in Allegheny County, allowing property owners to take advantage of major tax savings based on changes in property sales data applied by Allegheny County.  However, these major savings won't apply to your property without timely filing an appeal.


What is the Common Level Ratio?


The Common Level Ratio is a factor determined by the State Tax Equalization Board used to equalize current reassessments with 2012 base year assessments.  In 2024, a substantial change in the Common Level Ratio occurred.  For 2024, it is 54.5%, which is the lowest it has been since the county-wide reassessment in 2012, and 9.1% lower than 2023.  To put it simply, in 2023 a $300,000 property would be assessed at $190,800; whereas in 2024 the same property would be assessed at $163,500.


Why does this matter to you?


If you own property in Allegheny County, you are entitled to appeal your property’s assessed value.  There is no cost to file an appeal and a knowledgeable owner may be able to have their property’s assessed value decreased substantially.


Note: The Common Level Ratio applies to both commercial and residential property.


Why MJM Law?


Here at MJM Law our attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals in property tax assessment appeals in Allegheny, Beaver, and Lawrence County.   We offer both flat rate fees and contingency fees (where you pay no fee unless we save you money).  Most importantly, we offer free consultations where we advise you whether you may be entitled to tax savings this year.


MJM Law has experience representing clients in a wide variety of property tax assessment appeals including:

·  Apartment complexes

·  Condominiums

·  Industrial Buildings

·  Multifamily Housing

·  Retail establishments

·  Single family homes

·  Warehouses

·  Restaurants 

Contact Information

To schedule a free consultation and learn more about your property’s value, please contact one of our attorneys at MJM law at (412) 960-1656 or via email at Remember, the deadline to file is April 1, 2024, so please contact us without delay!

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